Joy Bergstrom

Joy Bergstrom

Joy Bergstrom is a popular blogger and journalist who focuses his works on online meetings and international interaction. He worked with the most well-known newspapers like The New York Times and the Cosmopolitan magazine. His articles are among the most read ones by people of all ages. Today, he writes to help lonely women and men to find their beloved one overseas, describing the nuances of online dating, its pros and cons, and the participation opportunities. Joy knows how to attract a lady online and what she wants to hear and get, so he gives men the best dating tips that lead to satisfactory results.
Our author has his own experience with mail-order brides, so all his advice is practical. Today, Bergstrom studies sociology and psychology, using the results of the research in his pieces. He believes that everyone can discover their destiny in the comfort of their homes. All one needs is just a smartphone or PC in his hand. You only have to to click the right button.

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